Collaborating to Combat the Climate Crisis in Central Missouri

The climate crisis is a global problem that requires collective effort from all parts of the world. In Central Missouri, environmental organizations are taking action to help address this urgent issue. Missouri Outdoor Connections is a group that links managers from rural to urban areas and everywhere in between. They are advocating for cleaner air in majority-black communities in the region and for stricter regulations on how coal-fired power plants dispose of toxic byproducts. The Forest Service is also working to bring together people and organizations that care for the natural resources of the central and southern regions of Missouri so that they can work together more effectively.

To do this, they have compiled a list of publicly available nonprofit organizations in Missouri under IRS section 990 and on the organizations' websites. This list was combined with a search of all publicly available nonprofit organizations in Missouri under IRS section 990 and on the organizations' websites. Environmental Studies has a community engagement coordinator as a resource to assist teachers, staff, students, and community partners in collaborative and engaged environmental work with the community. Through forums, working groups, committees, and advisory groups, they discuss specific environmental issues with department staff. Environmental Studies teachers and students also play key roles in various collaborative activities on the Living Earth, and the program encourages students to consider working collaboratively through internships and research opportunities. Federal agencies, state DOTs, metropolitan planning organizations (MPO), and public transportation providers promote Title VI and environmental justice by involving the public in transportation decisions.

One of the first results of this new collaboration came recently when environmental and community organizations from Missouri and Illinois met at the McKinley Bridge to protest regional air pollution. By connecting different groups and natural resource managers that care for Missouri's natural areas, from rural to urban communities and everywhere in between, we can work together to protect the land in and around South and Central Missouri. Post your environmental group here so others can find it and volunteer. Together we can make a difference in tackling the climate crisis.