Exploring Environmental Research Projects in Central Missouri

The University of Central Missouri is home to the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute (OEWRI), a team of experts dedicated to researching and understanding the environment and its impact on the local community. OEWRI works in partnership with university researchers, environmental groups, local communities, and government agencies to conduct research projects that address issues such as runoff, canal networks, water quality, and water supply. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to join teams of their peers and collaborate with faculty on small classes, research projects, and field studies that take place both in the laboratory and in nature. These projects are designed to improve environmental sustainability and often involve other academic and administrative programs at Missouri State University.

Students can also specialize in legal or technical systems for protecting the environment, environmental justice defense, or corporate responsibility. The OEWRI also provides students with technical expertise, analytical capacity, and training to support environmental research, watershed monitoring programs, and group activities in the Ozarks watersheds. Current research projects conducted by Missouri Unit scientists include determining the role of private land for migratory waterbirds, evaluating geese capture regulations, how climate change will affect fish habitat, refining stream ecological flow metrics, planning for the conservation of large landscapes, recovery efforts for endangered species in the Midwest and Southwest, and evaluating efforts to increase fish habitat sports. In addition to research opportunities, students studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Central Missouri may be eligible for college scholarships, awards, and other resources to finance their education. Use the interactive tool below to explore potential salaries and career paths with a degree in this field.