Missouri's Environmental Issues: A Comprehensive Guide

As the population of Missouri has grown, so too have the environmental issues that the state is facing. From soil and waterway pollution to air pollution and resource depletion, Missourians are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect their environment. One of the most pressing environmental health problems in Missouri is lead poisoning, which can cause learning and behavioral problems, lower IQ levels, and interfere with growth and hearing. The only way to know if a child has lead poisoning is to have a blood test done.The Missouri Public Utilities Commission is responsible for regulating some privately owned utility providers in the state.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has accused the Missouri Department of Natural Resources of violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act by authorizing the Kinder Morgan transportation fuel plant. This EPA report details the history of Jordan Creek, an abandoned industrial area in downtown Springfield, and its environmental impact on the city's poorest areas.In response to this, Missouri has been ordered to reduce emissions by 2,065 tons by 2026. The Missouri Environmental Education Association (MEEA) works to connect students with the natural world and equip them to care for and understand their environment. The city also acts on behalf of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to ensure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.Evergy, a utility company in Missouri, is already using emission-reduction technology at its coal-fired power plants. However, according to a spokesperson for the Sierra Club in Missouri, one of the country's largest environmental organizations, utility companies are largely responsible for the state's high emissions.This 12-page report presents environmental justice arguments to defend the disproportionate levels of air and chemical pollution in two diverse communities in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Across Missouri and beyond, environmental damage disproportionately affects underserved populations.

Environmental Justice

Several national organizations have published research, educational content, and lesson plans to provide educators with the necessary resources to discuss environmental justice in their classrooms. A short article tells the story of Wagner Electric Company in Wellston, Missouri, which became an infamous abandoned industrial area placing an excessive environmental and economic burden on its surrounding community.


In conclusion, it is evident that Missouri is facing a variety of environmental issues that require attention from both state and federal agencies. From lead poisoning to air pollution and resource depletion, it is essential that Missourians take action to protect their environment. Additionally, it is important that environmental justice be taken into account when discussing these issues as underserved populations are often disproportionately affected by environmental damage.