Environmental Groups in Central Missouri: What Activities Do They Participate In?

Environmental groups in Central Missouri are actively engaged in a variety of activities, from interactive presentations to volunteer projects and special events. Participants can choose the activities they want to take part in based on their interests and schedules. The list of activities is regularly updated and includes topics such as air pollution, water pollution, drinking water, electronics recycling, and more. There are both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as activities on weekdays and weekends. In addition to the activities mentioned above, students can also identify preserved macroinvertebrate specimens found in a Missouri stream.

These include the Mayfly larva, the dragonfly larva, the Scuds, the leeches, etc. Moreover, everyone interested in learning about self-sustainability is invited to participate in the free yoga program on Tuesday, April 23 and Friday, April 26. For more information about the projects and to discuss specific environmental issues with department staff through forums, working groups, committees, and advisory groups, contact Volunteer Programs.