What is the Missouri Environmental Remediation Program? A Comprehensive Overview

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Environmental Remediation Program (ERP) is responsible for overseeing the cleaning and disposal of hazardous waste, hazardous substances, and oil pollution caused by improper waste management. This includes materials that have been leaked, dumped, spilled, or otherwise disposed of on Missouri lands. The ERP provides a range of services to protect the environment and public health. These include air permits and emissions inspection tests in the St.

Louis region, demolition, renovation and reduction projects and notifications, hazardous waste facilities, site investigations and cleanups, solid and hazardous waste permits, waste tire processing facilities and landfill and processing facilities solid waste, drinking water and wastewater system operators, water permits, quality of Missouri's drinking water, health of Missouri's groundwater, rivers, lakes, and streams, locating springs, mines, sinks, and more, land and geological permits for Missouri, conservation practices to conserve soil and improve water quality, potential geological hazards such as earthquakes and sinks, energy efficiency improvements for low-income households in Missouri, home energy certification programs to make homes more energy efficient and save money, low-interest loans and cost-sharing grants for energy efficiency projects, state parks or historic sites in Missouri, special events throughout the year organized by the DNR, environmental permits for Missouri, low-interest loans and grants for environmental projects, permits regulations and actions with public notice. The DNR also provides forums for discussing specific environmental issues with department staff through working groups, committees, and advisory groups. The content on the Department's website originates in English. If there are differences between the content in English and its translation, the content in English is always the most accurate. By selecting a language from the Google Translate menu, the user accepts the legal implications of any misinterpretation or difference in translation. The Environmental Remediation Program is replacing the Hazardous Waste Program.

It is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to environmental protection that will help ensure that Missouri's environment remains safe for generations to come. The ERP is an important part of the DNR's mission to protect public health and safety by ensuring that hazardous materials are properly managed. The program works to identify potential sources of contamination in order to prevent them from entering the environment. It also works to clean up existing contamination sites so that they can be safely used again. The ERP also provides assistance to businesses that need help complying with environmental regulations. The ERP works closely with local governments to ensure that all environmental regulations are followed.

It also works with businesses to help them understand their responsibilities under state law. The ERP also provides technical assistance to businesses that need help understanding how to comply with environmental regulations. The ERP is an important part of protecting Missouri's environment. By ensuring that hazardous materials are properly managed and cleaned up when necessary, it helps protect public health and safety while preserving natural resources for future generations.