Protecting the Environment in Central Missouri: How Missourians Can Make a Difference

The Missouri Chapter of the Environmental Coalition (MCE) is proud to work with dedicated allies across the state to ensure that Missourians' voices are heard and their needs are taken into account when it comes to environmental policymaking. One way Missourians can contribute to improving environmental protection is by participating in citizen regulatory councils, which are responsible for making important decisions about the implementation of environmental safeguards. The MCE is an independent citizen environmental organization that works to promote clean water, clean air, clean energy, and a healthy environment. People can get involved in specific environmental issues by engaging with department staff through forums, working groups, committees, and advisory groups.

In case of an environmental emergency, Missourians can call the Missouri Department of Natural Resources at 573-634-2436 or file an online report. The MCE works hard to ensure that the environment in Central Missouri is protected and preserved for future generations. Through their efforts, they have been able to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage people to take action. They also provide resources and support for those who want to get involved in protecting the environment.

By working together with other organizations and individuals, they are able to make a real difference in protecting the environment. The MCE has been successful in advocating for legislation that will help protect the environment in Central Missouri. This year, the Missouri Legislature passed the fewest bills in a legislative session in years. However, this does not mean that citizens should not take action. There are many ways that individuals can make a difference when it comes to protecting the environment.

One way is by joining local environmental groups or organizations that are dedicated to protecting the environment. These groups often host events and activities that help raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage people to take action. Additionally, individuals can volunteer their time or donate money to help support these organizations and their efforts. Another way individuals can help protect the environment is by participating in local clean-up efforts or other activities that help reduce pollution or conserve natural resources. Individuals can also contact their local representatives and urge them to support legislation that will help protect the environment. Finally, individuals can educate themselves about environmental issues and spread awareness about them through social media or other forms of communication.

By doing so, they can help create a culture of environmental stewardship and encourage others to take action.